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The Cure - Old Fashioned Tonic Syrup 500mL

The Cure - Old Fashioned Tonic Syrup 500mL

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The Cure - Old Fashioned Tonic Syrup 500mL

Created by Bartenders whilst in isolation for soda enthusiasts to enjoy safely in their homes with their favourite gin or just as a straight refreshing tonic water.

Old Fashioned Tonic Syrup is made with quality botanicals including cinchona bark, lemongrass, lime, lemon and a hint of lemon myrtle leaf.

Most cocktail bartenders would generally spend a significant amount of time hand prepping their syrups for use in craft cocktails or to make sodas for mixing with quality spirits. Due to the pandemic Christopher was stood down from his job as a bartender and found himself with too much time on his hands and too little money to pay the rent. Christopher brainstormed trying to think of something that he could contribute to the market with my skillset. The Cure was born! A line of syrups made with highest quality local and imported ingredients that lets you mix the ultimate tonic water in your own home. Gin is not required but highly recommended.

1 part syrup to 10 parts of soda water. One 500ml bottle will mix up to 5 litres of quality tonic water.

Ideal for use with sodastream or other carbonation devices

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