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Tara Pot Still Gin 700mL 43%

Tara Pot Still Gin 700mL 43%

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Handcrafted from a striking blend of 17 gently distilled botanicals including locally-foraged sea lettuce from local beaches. Gathered sustainably by hand, this is a key botanical to express the Shoalhaven's unique maritime environment.

Tara Pot Still Gin is the perfect expression of place, tradition, and heritage. With a well balanced blend of botanicals including a traditional juniper base, with coriander, angelica, and local Australian pepperberry leaf, macadamia, and a touch of native lemon myrtle.

​These are combined beautifully with Irish rowan berry, hawthorn, heather, and Newfoundland savoury making this a distinctive, and truly classic dry gin.

Tara Distilleries spirits are softened by the fresh, pure harvested Shoalhaven rainwater giving their gin a beautiful mouthfeel.

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