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Stag Supply

Stag Supply Solid Cologne - Voyager 1/2oz

Stag Supply Solid Cologne - Voyager 1/2oz

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Stag Supply Solid Cologne - Voyager 1/2oz

CONCRETE Solid Cologne is designed to travel with you as an easier, convenient, strong smelling and long-lasting alternative to spray colognes. Its small click top design allows it to fit in your pocket or bag wherever you go ensuring you always smell magnificent wherever you are. Apply in the morning for an intoxicating scent that lasts around 8 hours and conveniently reapply whenever you need a boost to impress throughout the day or night. The Scent: Voyager is for the bold fearless adventurer, the captain setting sale for his biggest adventure yet as the cool ocean winds rustle through his hair. Just like that, Voyager smacks you in the face as you crack back the lid with top notes of citrus and spicy mids of black pepper, bay rum and sandalwood rounded out with an ever so subtle floral note. It’s a strong inspiring scent that’s sure to keep adventure at the top of your to-do list.


Slide back lid and melt some product by rubbing your finger across the top of the solid cologne. After a second or two you will have some melted cologne on your fingertip, rub cologne on your pressure points on your wrists and behind the ears. Slide back lid, pop in pocket and carry on like the classy gent you are.

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