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Pinot 60%abv 100ml Barrel 94/96

Pinot 60%abv 100ml Barrel 94/96

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Pinot 60%abv 100ml Barrel 94/96

Another great expression of Pinot Cask, with fresh fruity notes, cherries, cranberries, caramel  & dark chocolate

Approx 4.75 standard drinks

Fannys Bay Distillery is situated on the windswept Northern Coast of Tasmania at the home of Mathew & Julie Cooper. The Coopers have brought whisky making to the northern region of Tasmania. Distilling commenced In 2014 distilling and the first barrel was put down in November of that year. Today the distillery’s produces a number of unique Northern Tasmanian whiskies aged in a selection of Bourbon, Port, Sherry and Pinot barrels.

The Fannys Bay range of whiskies are described as a smooth mature full palate with a refreshing taste of the northern coastal Tasmanian waters. The whisky is unfiltered for the reason that the compounds (who others see as impurities) convey extra flavours, and provide an organic product. Tasmania has some of the purest sea breezes that assist the distillery in creating the unique flavours that customers have come to expect from Fannys Bay Distillery.

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