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Old Kempton

Old Kempton Tasmanian Solera Cask Whisky 500ML

Old Kempton Tasmanian Solera Cask Whisky 500ML

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Old Kempton Tasmanian Solera Cask Whisky 49% 500ML

A spectacular Portuguese Solera Tun filled with a selection of the very best Old Kempton Whisky and left to mellow. Half of the Tun’s contents are decanted and bottled, making a unique, aged and stunning release every time.

Only 252 bottles are available!

Ex-Spicy Sherry 100L Cask & Ex-Pinot 100L Cask from Tasmanian Cask Co. The perfect flavour profile for Christmas time.

Colour – Golden brown.

Soft vanilla, malt & dried fruit on the nose. On the second inspection, cereals & nutty flavours.

Beautiful texture, good integration of the alcohol.

The balance of the whisky is lovely with fruit and intense spices on the finish.

Good length, very persistent on the tongue.

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