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78 Degrees Gift Pack 3 x 200mL

78 Degrees Gift Pack 3 x 200mL

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The perfect gift pack for gin lovers wanting to explore a uniquely Australian Gin. 78 Degrees uses a blend of unique native botanicals sourced and inspired by their landscape; vapour infused into a grape based spirit never heated above 78.1 (the boiling point of alcohol).

78 Degrees Classic is a complex and savoury gin distilled from a grape base and vapour infused with 12 specially selected botanicals. Pungently aromatic and displaying resinous, citrus and floral notes with underlying spice.

78 Degrees Sunset is a floral and herbaceous gin inspired by those closing moments in the day that throw panoramic views across the sky. Sunset showcases Strawberry Gum, Bush Apple and Rosella specially selected for their flavour intensity and vibrant pink colour.

78 Degrees Desert celebrates the vast, sun drenched deserts of central Australia. Distilled using three species of house roasted native Wattleseed to create a golden hue & allow incredible roasted and toasty flavours to shine through.
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