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666 LemonMyrtle Honey Vodka 700mL 40%

666 LemonMyrtle Honey Vodka 700mL 40%

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To capture the natural expression and flavours of the Australia bush, the ingredients for 666 lemon myrtle honey vodka are meticulously sourced.

With 666 original pot distilled vodka at its heart, they start as nature intended with raw and unfiltered honey. But not simply any honey. Ligurian bee honey from the last remaining pure bred Ligurian bee sanctuary in the world on Kangaroo Island. Honey with just the right balance of sweetness and aromatic bush notes to provide the perfect backdrop for our other distinctive element, Lemon Myrtle leaf. Traditionally used by indigenous Australians, this native leaf contains the world’s strongest and purest source of natural citral oil. The natural leaf infusion provides a refreshing twist with its strong lemon hit and delicate touches of eucalyptus.

For its authentic bush flavours, nothing compares to the exceptional taste of our handcrafted lemon myrtle honey vodka.
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