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666 Autumn Butter Vodka 700mL 40%

666 Autumn Butter Vodka 700mL 40%

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The world’s first natural butter vodka.

Every Autumn the season’s heaviest rains produce field after field of the lushest grass across North West Tasmania. The local cows in turn produce the tastiest milk for the family owned dairies to convert into the richest cream and some of the world’s greatest butter. The weight of this rich golden Autumn Butter is matched with fresh vanilla and 666 pot distilled vodka to create one of the most intriguing, full bodied taste experiences.

Autumn Butter vodka is an expression of place, the flavour and environment that surrounds the distillery location. It is handmade using a proprietary slow fat-wash process combining low heat, loads of local butter and whole vanilla pods, giving the resulting liquid a creamy, complex taste unlike any other flavoured vodka.

No colours, no preservatives, no artificial flavours. Just great vodka and fantastic local Autumn Butter.
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